Author: Lexi Schmitt

Blounts Landing Water System: Precautionary Boil Water Notice

A loss of pressure has occurred in your water system. As a precaution, upon return of service, we advise that all water used for drinking or cooking be boiled. A rolling boil of one minute is sufficient. As an alternative, bottled water may be used.

Crews responded to a water main break within the Blount Landing drinking water system in Leon County.

Total of 13 residents affected by the outage:

1-4263 Blount Creek Rd

2-4264 Blount Creek Rd

3-4299 Blount Creek Rd

4-4278 Blount Creek Rd

5-4284 Blount Creek Rd

6-20012 Liahona Rd

7-20008 Liahona Rd

8-20902 Liahona Rd

9-4359 Blount Creek Rd

10-4364 Blount Creek Rd

11-4379 Blount Creek Rd

12-4929 Blount Creek Rd

13- 22400 Blounstown Hwy store

Service was off from 12:30 pm thru 2:30 pm to complete the

Boil water tags were hand delivered to each affected resident.

If you have any questions, you may contact U.S. Water Services Corporation at 727-848-8292, Ext. 411.