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About Us


U.S. Water Services Corporation (USWSC) proudly manages your water and wastewater utilities. An industry leader for over a decade, with experienced personal that have lived and worked in Florida for many years, USWSC is dedicated to bringing high quality water and services to its customers.

USWSC currently operates and manages the following water and wastewater systems:

  • Black Bear Irrigation Source, Inc.
    Black Bear Reserve
  • Black Bear Waterworks, Inc.
    Black Bear
  • Brendenwood Waterworks, Inc.
  • Brevard Waterworks, Inc.
    Kingswood Manor
    Oakwood Manor
  • Country Walk Utility Co.
    Country Walk
  • Colina Bay
  • Duval Waterworks, Inc.
    Regency Mall
  • Gator Waterworks, Inc.
    Kincaid Hills
    Devonshire Hills
    Shady Lawn Estates
  • Graceland
  • Harbor Waterworks, Inc.
    Harbor Hills
  • HC Waterworks, Inc.
    Lake Josephine
    Leisure Lakes
    Sebring Lakes
  • Imperial Oaks (Pasco)
  • Imperial Oaks (Hillsborough)
  • Jumper Creek Utility Co.
    Jumper Creek
  • Lake Idlewild Waterworks, Inc.
    Lake Idlewild
  • Lakeside Beauclaire
  • Lakeside Beauclaire
  • Lakeside Waterworks, Inc.
  • LP Waterworks, Inc.
    The Woodlands of Lake Pl
  • Merritt Island Utility Company
    Colony Park
  • North Charlotte Waterworks, Inc.
    North Charlotte
  • Palm Bay CDD
  • Pine Harbor Waterworks, Inc.
    Pine Harbor
  • Raintree Waterworks, Inc.
  • Royal Waterworks, Inc.
    Carriage Point
    Corral Trace
    Royal Eagle Plaza
    Riverside Square
    Ramblewood East
  • Seminole Waterworks, Inc.
    Buck Lake
    Meadow Hills
    North Lake Meadows
    Plantation Estates
    Sedgefield Subdivision
  • Sunny Hills Utility Co.
    Sunny Hills
  • The Woods Utility Co.
    The Woods
  • Yankeetown