Important Notices

2015 Water Quality Reports

The Department of Environmental Protection along with the federal Environmental Protection Agency create water quality standards for testing and measuring the level of various contaminants that may be found in drinking water. Water quality samples are taken regularly in accordance with these standards to ensure the safety and quality of your water.

Below are the 2015 Water Quality Reports (pdf) for each system we service.


Black Bear Waterworks

Black Bear


Brendonwood Waterworks, Inc.



Brevard Waterworks, Inc.

Kingswood Manor

Oakwood Manor


Country Walk Utility Co.

Country Walk


Harbor Waterworks, Inc.

Harbor Hills


HC Waterworks, Inc.

Lake Josephine – Sebring Lakes

Leisure Lakes


Jumper Creek Utility Co.

Jumper Creek


Lake Idlewild

Lake Idlewild


Lake Osborne Waterworks, Inc.

Lake Osborne


Lakeside Waterworks, Inc.

Lakeside Waterworks – Shangri-La


LP Waterworks, Inc.

The Woodlands of Lake Placid


North Charlotte Waterworks

North Charlotte (formerly Sun River)


Raintree Waterworks, Inc.



Seminole Waterworks Co.


Buck Lake

Meadow Hills

North Lake Meadows

Plantation Estates

Sedgefield Subdivision


Sunny Hills Utility Co.

Sunny Hills


The Woods Utility Co.

The Woods