Important Notices

Leisure Lakes Precautionary Boil Water Notice 11/30/22

Leisure Lakes PWS# 628-0064

Due to a problem within your water system caused an electrical control issue, a loss of water pressure was experienced throughout the distribution system.


Water pressure keeps pollutants from entering the underground pipes that bring drinking water to your house or business.  When the pressure is lost, contaminants can seep into the pipes.  As a precaution, it is important to disinfect tap water to kill any bacteria or viruses that may have entered the water or use an alternative source of water (bottled water).


Under a boil water notice, water used for consumption can be disinfected by the following methods:

Bringing the water to a rolling boil and holding it there for one (1) minute, Using a disinfecting chemical. If you cannot boil water, you should put eight (8) drops of common household bleach (unscented) which is about 1/8th teaspoon, into one (1) gallon of tap water, then shake it, and allow it to stand for 30 minutes before drinking.  If the water is cloudy, use sixteen (16) drops, about 1/4 teaspoon of bleach instead of 8, shake it, and let it stand for 30 minutes.  There should be a slight chlorine odor.  Use common household bleach that has 5% to 8% active ingredients.  Use food grade containers.


You can also buy commercial bottled water for consumption and food preparation as an alternative.


Consumption includes brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables, and homemade ice.  Tap water may be used for showering, baths, shaving and washing, so long as care is taken not to swallow or allow water in eyes or nose or mouth.  Children and disabled individuals should have their bath supervised to ensure water is not ingested. The time spent bathing should be minimized.  Though the risk of illness is minimal, individuals who have recent surgical wounds, are immunosuppressed, or have a chronic illness may want to consider using bottled or boiled water (that has cooled) for cleansing until the notice is lifted.

This “Precautionary Boil Water Notice” will remain in effect until a bacteriological survey shows that the water is safe to drink, at which point the boil water notice will be rescinded.


If you have any questions about the testing for bacteria, please contact U.S. Water Services at (727) 848-8292. Testing normally takes 2-3 days from the time water pressure is restored or the emergency condition is corrected to complete.