Important Notices

Leaving Florida for the Summer?


If you spend a portion of your year in Florida please help us accurately bill your account while you are out of state.

Here’s how you can help:


  • Contact our call center at 888–228-2134 as soon as possible and tell us that you’re a seasonal customer leaving the state. Doing so ensures you receive accurate bills throughout the year.
  • If you’re leaving your Florida home for the season, please notify us. Otherwise, your bill might be estimated while you’re gone. In most cases, this may result in higher bills.
  • You can turn your water off when you leave for the season and turn it back on when you return. For assistance, call 888–228-2134.

Florida’s Administrative Code, Rule 25-30.335, requires that we bill you the approved base facility charge each month regardless of whether or not you are in residence. The base facility charge covers the cost to maintain the water and wastewater pipes and treatment systems in your area which must remain in operation whether or not you are using the service.
If you decide to turn your water off, you’ll need to close the valve on your water service line and ensure it works properly. The utility company is not responsible for any damage resulting from water leaks in the pipes or fixtures within your home, including your water heater.