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Protect Your Water Supply From Contamination

What Can You Do To Protect Your Water Supply From Contamination ?


Be involved in keeping your water safe from contamination. Every home has potential hazards that threaten to contaminate your drinking water. The most common way contaminants enter the drinking water system is through cross connections in our piping systems. Backflow from a cross connection can occur when the pressure in the water main drops below the line pressure in your home causing a “soda straw” effect called backsiphonage. This effect can draw water from garden hoses, wash basins, boilers, lawn sprinklers, swimming pools, etc., into your home’s water supply. You may not even be aware that the water in your home has been contaminated or that someone has been made ill from drinking the water. Backflow contamination can result in illness or even death.


It is easy to protect your water supply from these hazards. Be aware of potential hazards and install appropriate backflow preventers at water outlets.



1. Never submerge a free running hose in water and never leave a hose submerged in standing water without proper backsiphonage protection.

2. Never use a hose to spray toxic chemicals without proper backsiphonage protection.


Protect your family and neighbors from these potential hazards by protecting your water supply from backflow contamination.

For more information on how you can protect your home from cross connection contamination, contact your local water provider.