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Your Drinking Water


The quality of your drinking water is our top priority. Please check back often for news and updates regarding your Drinking Water.

The Woods Precautionary Boil Water Notice Issued 1/25/2024

Due to an electrical issue at the water treatment plant this morning, a loss of water pressure was experienced throughout The Woods and the system is now on a Precautionary Boil Water Notice. Crews have addressed the issue and water service has been restored. Due to the loss of pressure discoloration of the water may be noted while the lines are flushed. Once bacteriological samples are determined satisfactory by the laboratory a rescission notice will be posted.

Gator Waterworks Precautionary Boil Water Issued

A Community wide Precautionary Boil Water notice has been issued for Gator Waterworks in Gainesville, Florida. Crews responded to a water main break and due to the location and severity of the break water service had to be turned off at the plant to allow for repairs to be made. The repairs were completed at 03:00 this morning. Once satisfactory bacteriological samples have been verified by the laboratory a rescission will be issued.

Sunny Hills Low Pressure, please conserve water!

Residents of Sunny Hills may be experiencing low water pressure, a water main break has been located and due to the location and severity of the break residents are encouraged to use water conservatively until the break can be repaired, ie: please refrain from watering yards, car washing, laundry etc until the break is repaired and pressure is restored. Should pressure drop below 20 pounds in the system there will be a precautionary boil water issued. We thank you for your cooperation!

LAKE JOSEPHINE/SEBRING LAKES PRECAUTIONARY BOIL WATER 11/11/2023 has been rescinded! It is no longer necessary to boil your water.

Due to a water main break within the system all of Lake Josephine and Sebring Lakes are on a precautionary boil water notice. Crews are working on the repairs and when service is restored you may experience slightly discolored water, they will be flushing throughout the weekend. As soon as bacteriological clearance samples are determine to pass a rescission will be issued.

Lake Idlewild Utility Precautionary Boil Water Notice Issued

Due to a 6″ water main break located on a vacant lot on Bair Avenue, all residents of Bair Avenue and Lake Idlewild Drive are on a Precautionary Boil Water Notice. Crews are on site to make repairs and clearance samples will be submitted to the laboratory as soon as repairs are complete. Homes affected will also be tagged.

Residents of Freedom Way, LP Utility Company

Sewer and road repairs will be conducted on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 on Freedom Way. Those who will be directly affected have been notified directly by hand delivery today. Please park your car at the club house parking lot for the day if you will need to leave the park as the road will be closed during work. All repairs are expected to be completed on the 25th barring any unexpected complications. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we address this issue!

Brewster Estates Rescission

The Precautionary Boil Water Notice Issued on Monday, October 2, 2023 is now rescinded, bacteriological samples have been determined to be satisfactory, thank you for your patience.